The 2-Minute Rule for big boss telugu vote

This is simply not your demonstrate. It really is huge boss clearly show he is executing right And that i observed actual charterers of users(Kushal and Amith).

You should eliminate teju type bigg boss residence since she is not suitable to bigg boss house and she hurting each of the bigg boss contenstes with she’s speaking conduct no manners in the least,no regard to Some others so you should get rid of her

I feel nani ought to alert that team Geeta is maintaining . All those gossips are genuinely extremely annoying. And teju samrat just started a brand new relation and it is a wonderful honour to bigg boss that it's not merely a match but one thing outside of it appreciate is usually a divine detail plz regard it .

Yes Tejaswini how we will settle for u we might have sympathy on ur qualifications . u r so attractive in saree why u choose shorts in a general public exhibit . Why ur temperament is so vulgar in both entire body language and verbally .

(Disclaimer: The above mentioned vote poll of bigg boss is executed by Telugu to find out about community viewpoint, not Formal. To vote formally for your favorite contestant, check out the steps below)

Nani garu pls na comment ni chadavandi Andaru chesina tappulu videos chupistu tappu ani cheptunaru kada geetha chesevi meku kanipinchatleda tanu pakkaku velli teju gurunchi chala neechanga responses chestundi adi kanipinchatleda meku n KOUSHAL tanni kiriti anadu ammayilu ne gurunchi ease and comfort ga leru ante meru tittaru mari eroju episode lo teju character ni bad chesi matladadu Atani em anali pls meru andaru chesadi Erroneous anapudu geetha n koushal chesevi kuda chudandi bigg boss dey r so hazardous individuals e 7 days valani meru expose Cheyakapote we gained’t c biggboss anymore geetha madhuri tappulu meku kanipinchatleda nani garu y…

BB garu teju ni property lo nunchi reduce cheyyandii plzz ame overaction chudaleka channel cange chestunnaruu

Viewers can vote for eviction participant by two techniques, On the internet poll and by offering skipped simply call. There's a direct relationship between’s voting while in the show and disposal. Because the challenger who are unsuccessful in awing the audience may read more possibly remove from the present.

The quantities can even be shown on the Television through the program. Viewers may also obtain their favorite contestant on our Web-site below.

Tejaswini is often a vulgar female and she or he dominates others by he r nasty tricks and she or he speaks vulgarity, remember to do not convey tejaswi back again.

at any cost we are able to’t bear her nonsense although observing major boss…… Be sure to eliminate her from Major Boss clearly show this is our Kind Request…..

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Kaushal and Geeta madhuri are enjoying good video game as well as Babu bogineni is enjoying a secret match and keeriti and Tejaswini aren't suited candidates to Bigg boss residence

అదే అంతరిక్షం నుంచి సూర్యోదయం సూర్యఅస్తమయం చూస్తే అది మరింత అద్భుతంగా ఉంటుంది. సూర్యోదయాన...

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